Because the Mini Lift treatment has a cumulative effect, when taken in series it is of essential importance that it is done with regular intervals. The products are entirely toned to each other. To benefit the many working ingredients fully, they should be used together, without any replacement of items. During a series the Mini Lift treatment should be done at least twice a week, sometimes three times a week. The total amount of sessions needed to achieve the wanted result, depends on the age and the actual state of the skin. When the maximum result of improvement has been obtained, one treatment in about ten days will be enough to keep up the new condition.

The usual time for this treatment is 60 minutes. The Mini Lift Intense treatment has no age limit and is suitable for male and female and for each skin type. The results of the treatment is best after about two days. If the treatment is given for a special occasion, it should be done 2 days before. MiniLift Intense has a threefold action: a tightening effect by means of a kind of passive gymnastic of the muscles, it helps to stimulate the micro circulation and to accelerate the cell turnover. A manual massage should be left out in order to avoid over-stimulation. The treatment will most of the times provoke a temporary redness, that will disappear within 20 to 30 minutes after the treatment. The skin will be able to better absorb the products used in the after treatment. Therefore it is recommended to reapply the “after treatment” products again at home after about an hour. For the same reason no make-up should be applied for at least two hours or better still until the next day.